18.04.2023 ultraDev has now it's own domain


Unforunately www.ultradev.de is not free anyway www.ultradevtools.de should work too ;)
12.12.2022 ultraDev will be available again. If you want to preorder click here.
12.04.2022 ultraDev is comming to Linux (x64). Next upcomming release will support Linux ... finally ;)
More you can find in the diary about this.
08.03.2021 ultraDev is now in a final state. I'll start to work now on my waiting list but it will take some time. I do not devliver to all at once just to reduce support work.
09.02.2021 > New hardware project ultraTos.
24.11.2020 ultraDev supports now Raspberry PI 3 and Mac OSX. Currently in a beta state but basically it works.
09.10.2020 I could optimise the price again. Check preorder to the the current price.
22.05.2020 > New feature folder share from pc click to see it in action.<
11.05.2020 Final Price is now available.
31.03.2020 > New feature hd support click to see it in action.<
03.12.2019 > PCB samples arrived see the buildup with hot air technique.<
26.11.2019 New Prices. Completed the search for cheaper components and PCB so check the current price.
19.11.2019 Added the possibility to preorder a cartridge. Check the menu.
12.11.2019 > Check out: Build up blog part 2 (Soldering the PCB). (click)<
08.11.2019 > Check out: Build up blog part 1 (doing the PCB). (click)<
06.11.2019 Added a diary. Standard bla bla what i'm currently working on.
04.11.2019 Started to write a build up explanation. See build on the left.
03.11.2019 Page is online.