Part 2. Soldering Session

For soldering i use this maginfier glasses. Well my eye got alot worse in the last years helps alot for the 0603 and 0402 elements.

Next is to do the vias. Vias are connection points between the upper and the lower. For self made PCBs it's the only way to do it with a small wire. I drill 0,5mm holes for the vias and put the wire through it.

It's a bit like sewing ;) Just put the wire to a few holes and solder.

Soldered and

Cut off the wire.

The PCB almost done. Next is to solder the connectors for the FPGA board

To let the FPGA board fit perfectly to the PCB i put the connectors to the FPGA board.

Fixing them at the end of the connector and checking again if the placement is ok.

Before pulling off i solder all pins around the board then pull off.

Inside pins soldered.

In the end it looks like this ;)